Tuesday, April 17, 2007


People all over the world have discovered the benefits and wonder of using bat houses to attract bats to their own backyards. We hope you will join them by providing new homes for these gentle and fascinating mammals with a voracious appetite for troublesome insects.

BCI’s Bat House Project can help you select (or build) and install successful bat houses. We have analyzed more than 10 years of data from thousands of volunteer Research Associates to determine the most effective ways to attract bats to your bat house.

What we have learned from this extensive research is available in an easy-to-apply format in the Bat House Builder’s Handbook, which includes complete plans for three proven bat-house designs, and the Building Homes for Bats video. Both are available from our online catalog, as are a number of BCI-certified bat houses.

In addition, the following pdf documents will answer many of your basic questions:

Criteria for Successful Bat Houses (pdf)

Free single chamber bat house plan! (pdf)

Attracting Bats (pdf)

Monday, April 16, 2007

Bats in the Community

Bats in the Community

There are many ways our countless bat communities support our efforts. Outside of direct granting and monetary support we work creatively with our supporters to enable a win-win solution helping them reach out to their supporters and support our mission to conserve bats.

Below is just a short list on some of the fun ways individuals and special groups are reaching out globally. Although we may not be able to list everyone everywhere, we do appreciate your support. Please let us know how we can help extend your batty efforts.

* BatFest. Over our recent Labor Day Weekend Roadstar Productions, known for organizing major festivals in Austin such as the Annual ROT Biker Rally and The Pecan Street Festival, began yet another annual tradition which will serve as the Congress Ave. Bridge’s season finale for our beloved Austin bats.

* Le Cuvier Winery – Mighty Murcielago Red Bat CuvĂ©e.

* The Dark Place held a special benefit to support bats, summer 2005.

* REI Bat Float – a monthly kayaking adventure on Town Lake, Austin, Texas, to visit the bats in season. Attendees all receive memberships to BCI.

We are open to new ways you can support BCI and its mission to conserve bats and their essential ecosystems globally! If you have an idea please let us know, arsidrajesh@yahoo.co.in or contact the Director of Development, at 9440066710.